LYNA Media is a social media marketing agency that helps brands create highly customized and engaging content. Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in cookie cutter templates. We get to know your company and your customers to establish a unique brand voice and strong social presence.


The algorithms for each social channel behave differently, so posting without a strategy is like taking a shot in the dark. For your efforts to be effective, you need to identify your goals, target audience, the types of content your audience wants to see, when your customers are online and how often to post to maximize engagement.


Your followers want informative, engaging, relevant content—and it’s our job to determine what that is. We write posts, design images and curate content to make sure your content gets liked, shared and drives traffic to your site.


Increasing followers is more than a numbers game. Your social efforts need to attract the right customers and build loyal brand advocates. We make sure your social presence establishes your brand, expands your reach and increases positive word of mouth.


Social media influencers can expand your reach and give your brand credibility. Our job is to find an influencer who aligns with your brand—whose voice your audience trusts—and get them to promote your product.


Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be incredibly effective tools for driving sales. For each campaign, we identify and set up a highly targeted audience, test various messages and creative, and manage your spend to ensure you see maximum returns.


There’s no point in posting on social if you’re not tracking what works and altering your strategy to capitalize on that. We run monthly analytics to ensure your followers are increasing and your content is engaging the right audience.

Social media management
For a flat fee we’ll manage your business’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profiles. We’ll take care of everything, including strategy, content creation, brand awareness, community engagement, influencer marketing, analytics and social media advertising (flat fee does not include ad spend).
Video is in-demand and video posts tend to get high engagement rates. For an additional fee, we and our partners at Magister Media will create professional- grade, custom video content for your social channels.

If you don’t have professional photos of your products, office and staff, our photography partners will capture photos on site to use in your social channels.

About LYNA

Unlike other agencies, LYNA Media doesn’t believe in cookie cutter templates or a one-size-fits- all approach to social media. We believe in building relationships and getting to know our clients the LYNA Way—by taking a deep dive into every aspect of the company from the customers to the products to the brand voice to create highly customized and engaging content.

Our Founder

LYNA Media was founded by Taylor Gabayzadeh, whose passion for social media marketing began at a very early age. Before founding LYNA Media, Taylor worked for one of the largest marketing agencies in the Los Angeles area, where she developed social media campaigns that focused on building customer loyalty and growing sales. To help more companies find success in their social efforts, Taylor founded LYNA Media.


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